Well of Urðr

from by Natt Sang

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Urðr is one of the three Norns, or Fates, in Norse Mythology. Together with her sisters Verðandi and Skuld they sit at Urðarbrunnr, Urðr's well at the base of Yggdrasil, where they weave the fates of man and god alike.


The tree, a mighty ash, at worlds heart, tended by the Norns
Seated at the base, lies a well from which all fate is drawn

Yggdrasil’s base, they count the days, the river flow of time
They tend the tree, from which all comes, the seeded bough of mankind

Ask veit ek standar,
heitir Yggdrasill,
hár baðmr, ausinn
hvíta auri,
þaðan koma dǫggvar
þær’s ĩ dala falla,
stendr æ yfir grǿnn

No fear, no pain your time is set
Your fate is in stone, woven by Norn alone

Odin’s hand, here drew the runes, all rivers here they run
Futures carved on waters face, fate goes as 'ere she shall


from Fimbulwinter, released February 12, 2017
Natt Sang is Rachael Burkle Ellison, Tony Ellison, and Greg Moore



all rights reserved


Natt Sang Washington

Together since 2007, Natt Sang is an artist’s collective based on a small farm in Southwest Washington. Together they own and operate a small recording studio and production facility called Ravengard Studios. They blend their varied history and musical influences to create uniquely personal metal. ... more

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